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At MPS, our focus on customers and commitment to innovation have driven our growth. We take on new challenges every day, gaining valuable insights that help us tackle the next challenge.

Our industry experts are as committed to your business as they are to ours.

That’s what true customer partnerships are built on.

Creative Services

Creativity may love constraints, but most graphic designers like to let loose at least once in a while — especially when doing so doesn’t mean long lead times, high cost, or custom stock.

That's why MPS helps designers test the limits of possibility in materials and technologies.

We're experts at maintaining brand consistency across print and packaging components: cartons, labels, inserts, POP, etc.

Artwork Services

Our artwork services promote effective collaboration and optimize productivity. We facilitate artwork creation and management for everything from labels, inserts/leaflets and booklets to cartons, rigid, and flexible packaging.

Our advice is unbiased. We provide independent technical recommendations on artwork and print related issues, regardless of where the artwork is generated. Our team is highly skilled at conforming to technical and regulatory requirements.

We are as adept at handling complex projects in multiple languages as we are at managing artwork for a single component.

Product Development

When the challenge demands it, we work to develop new substrates, structures, coatings, and finishes to help meet customer requirements for performance and aesthetics.

We know materials — how they perform, where there are trade-offs, whether there are alternatives.

We understand printing technologies, adhesives, logistics, shipping conditions, and filling lines. We also know how to push the envelope, and we're eager to prototype and test new ideas.


In our business — like yours — if you stand still, you get passed by. We're not about to let that happen.

We're invested in the next frontier of our industry, from digital front-end and data management to next-generation printing technologies, adhesives, materials, and equipment.

If the challenge calls for marrying two substrates with unique individual properties (combining paper and plastic, for example), creating an entirely new material, or combining graphics and finishes, our R&D team can dream it and do it.

Sourcing Expertise

There is power in networks. Beyond our own resourceful team, we've built relationships around the world with technology providers and experts in equipment, materials, specialty converting, handworking, fulfillment, and other specialties.

When you work with MPS, we can harness the deep expertise of our vendor network to help meet your challenge. No matter what you need, we’ve got you covered — anywhere in the world.