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Bite-size Trends to Watch For in 2017

Four emerging trends to watch in snacks in 2017 - Food Navigator

From sour and heat combinations to charred flavors and California garlic, Sensient Natural Ingredients outlines key flavor/ingredient trends to watch in the snacks category in 2017.

Chong’s Choice launches first cannabis chocolate bars in collaboration with Défoncé - Confectionery News

One of the largest cannabis brands in the US, Chong’s Choice, has launched five different chocolate bars through a partnership with infused chocolate maker, Défoncé Chocolatier. The decision was made shortly after the state of California legalized recreational use of marijuana last month.

Consumers assume food must be expensive to be healthy: Study - Confectionery News

The price of food heavily influences assumptions about nutritious quality and even effects the health issues consumers worry about, a series of experiments at Ohio State University has found

Making softer foods will be key focus for booming over-60s population - Food Navigator

Food texture will become a growing consideration over the next 20 years with an estimated population of more than one billion people over the age of 60, a new paper suggests.