Digital wins the day for Coty’s philosophy holiday campaign

Digital Package Cosmetic Coty

Philosophy, the award-winning Coty-owned skin care brand, recently ventured into digital packs for its holiday 2016 Radiant Celebration campaign.  The holiday promotions and product launches were set to deliver in April 2016, but due to product delays the delivery dates were not achievable with conventional printing. The MPS team was able to quickly switch gears and offer Coty a digital opportunity to deliver the pre-series launch and meet their immediate program objectives.

As part of the pre-series, MPS digitally produced 42 package SKUs at MPS Lansing in just 2 weeks. Philosophy’s Radiant Celebration holiday collection packs included a windowed carton with Matte/Gloss Combo as well as ornament-like packages with a decorative ribbon handle.  The brands signature inspirational messaging, seeking to uplift and nourish the spirit, is present in every pack.

Bruce Betancourt, MPS Vice President of the Cosmetic and Fragrance Group, comments on the project: “This launch was the capstone to a great year with Coty, and a perfect example of how we work tirelessly to meet customer demands under tight deadlines. MPS’s digital prowess gave us the flexibility and agility to satisfy Coty’s ambitious holiday launch with a quick turnaround on the project. We’re pleased to have been able to secure this win for Coty.” The project was a success and the digital pre-series cartons fit seamlessly into the full 2016 holiday product line.