Insider secrets to creating memorable retail brand experiences

Your branding speaks for you at retail as a reflection of your innovation and your imagination. This complex ecosystem demands strong brand identity, innovative marketing, and imaginative promotions.

Here are a few of our insider secrets for creating a memorable retail brand experience:

  1. Tap the best, most innovative structural designers for your important launches. In the retail world, a box is never just a box and package structure is key.

    How we can help: With an extensive network of designers worldwide, MPS extends your designs to new applications and manages your artwork files to ensure integrity. Consistent artwork and branding across your product line will strengthen your message, attract attention, and encourage shoppers to buy. Moreover, as G7 certified master printers, we ensure that all equipment and processes are calibrated to the same standards to ensure consistency across our facilities. (Translation: we’re well equipped for your global launch!)
  2. Go for the ‘wow’ factor. Look for opportunities to shine amongst your competition. Showcase your brand in new and unexpected ways through decorative technologies and finishes that will attract shopper’s attention.

    How we can help: We bring the strength and creativity of our innovative design groups directly to you to help your brand stand out among the competition. With technologies applied on press, we can give standard materials the look and feel of custom stocks to create memorable brand associations.

Natasha Marback, Global Product & Category Director adds, “There’s no exact ‘formula’ for successful retail branding, but we aim to deliver a positive experience from the moment a consumer notices a package on the shelf to the way it opens and reveals the product. Our goal is to get our customer’s product noticed and have the first few minutes with it be memorable.”