MPS Awarded EcoVadis Silver CSR Rating

Shouldering Responsibility

Multi Packaging Solutions has recently been assessed and awarded an EcoVadis CSR Silver Rating. The EcoVadis rating is based on a scorecard system that uses benchmarked data to identify strengths and areas of further improvement in a company's corporate, social responsibility performance. Several of MPS's largest customers use the EcoVadis results as a way to measure their suppliers' Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability performance.


Sustainable Printing Practices

Sarah-Jane Hutchinson, SVP Human Resources & CSR, said: "The EcoVadis rating is a clear way to assess a company's CSR commitments. Many customers no longer buy and negotiate purely based on price. More and more large businesses are under immense pressure from stakeholders to be transparent about their sustainability and CSR practices, and this includes their supply chains. MPS was awarded the EcoVadis Silver CSR Rating following a thorough assessment of the systems and procedures we have in place. This measure offers further reassurance to our customers that they are dealing with a committed and responsible supplier. We supply packaging to some of the world's best-known brands and this rating provides an extra layer of security for our customers whilst complementing the many other standards we have in place across the business."


Consistent Performance and First-rate Employees

EcoVadis was founded to offer procurement teams as well as their supply and service partners a common, consistent performance measure. The rating is based on a documented audit involving evaluation and analysis from independent CSR experts. The EcoVadis CSR assessment methodology now spans 150 industry sectors, 101 countries and 21 CSR indicators.


Patrick Peak, Manager Environmental and Safety Affairs, said: "This award is a credit to all our employees across our 60 worldwide operations. More than 20,000 companies across the globe now use the EcoVadis ratings as a means to reduce risk and increase transparency in their supply chains. We are confident that our continuous improvement in CSR programs and implementation will allow us to achieve an even higher rating."


For more information, please contact Sarah-Jane Hutchinson.