MPS Does Wraparound Labels

MPS Does Wraparound Labels

MPS has been working hard to offer a greater range of space-saving solutions to its customers who require more detailed product information to meet new legislation or enter new markets. MPS Bourne has developed a number of label options that offer a significant increase in space above standard single ply labels. Bourne’s wraparound label offers additional content space as the label wraps around itself during application. The choice between a multiply label and a wraparound label is influenced by the container, customer preference and the label application technology.

David Bills, Product Development Manager - Labels UK & Ireland, explains: “We can offer customers several format options. The simplest form of wraparound label is an oversized single ply label applied to the container. We apply a release varnish to the overlapping part of the label allowing it to be peeled back after application. A special non-adhesive dry reverse can also be used for the overlapping section. Depending on the application equipment, a wraparound label may be applied as much as two or three times around the circumference of the container. If reverse print is used these types of labels can typically provide a 300-500 per cent increase in the content space of a standard single ply label.”

MPS Bourne has the ability to produce wraparound labels with multiply constructions. This allows additional content to be incorporated into small containers such as vials and syringes. David continued: “Peel off sections, dry panels, inspection windows are some of the features we can include within the label. The pictured syringe wraparound label shows what’s possible.”

The wraparound label option is ideal for healthcare and pharmaceutical products but they have applications in other markets including personal care and potentially for e-cigarette products due to changing legislation.