Corporate and Social Responsibility

Continuously protecting and enhancing sustainable value through ongoing improvements
in People, Planet, Products and Plant.

As a global company, we speak many languages. But we have one voice when it comes to our commitment to a safe workplace, a skilled team, and a thriving community. We do the right thing for our people, local communities, and the environment.

Our approach is managed corporately to ensure consistency and structured around 7 pillars of excellence:

  • Plant Safety
  • People Safety
  • Business Ethics and
    Social Accountability
  • Certified Materials
  • Environmental Management
  • Waste Management
  • Energy


Caring for the safety and well-being of all.

Safety is a key responsibility for each employee and MPS is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment. The proactive and systematic management of safety and health risks as well as conformance with all relevant legislation is the foundation we build on.

• MPS adheres to an Ethical Code of Conduct that promotes the fair and dignified treatment of all people and we expect all employees to know and practice these principles.
• We strive to make a valued contribution to the communities where we operate and many employees volunteer to support local initiatives that are further augmented by corporate support.


Using natural resources responsibly.

At MPS, we take our environmental responsibility seriously. All of our facilities and operations must meet local and national regulatory and legislative standards.

• We continuously evaluate our materials, equipment and process to ensure that we are using resources in the most efficient manner and any waste materials are managed in ways that minimize environmental impact.
• Conservation of natural resources is a key goal; we work with our customers to optimize the product so that waste is minimized at all stage of the product life cycle.


Offering Sustainable Solutions.

MPS is committed to offering our customers a range of verifiably responsible options, such as material sourced from sustainable forests. We continue to work with raw material suppliers to identify, develop and promote these options.

To read more about our approach to sustainability (energy, certified materials, environmental management, and waste) click here.


Investing to improve efficiency.

Our facilities, processes and equipment are vital to creating our products and we invest to protect and continuously improve the performance of our physical and intellectual assets.