Sustainability Solutions

We’ve invested in earth-friendly products, technologies, and manufacturing processes — because we think it’s the right thing to do.

Our comprehensive approach to sustainability means we can help you layer green features into your products, depending on how sustainability fits into your brand. At a minimum, rest assured that all products are manufactured using the most efficient and responsible processes, reducing their environmental impact.

Highlights include:

Network of Chain of Custody certified facilities
Commitment to a lower carbon footprint and green energy
Full menu of recycled and sustainable materials
Production efficiencies to reduce material usage
Formalized LEAN manufacturing program, reducing waste and conserving energy

Chain of Custody Certifications

How do you know a partner is walking the talk when it comes to sustainability? Every industry has its share of “greenwashing”, but looking to third-party certification programs provides some peace of mind.

To provide you with a range of verifiably responsible options, we’ve certified our network under the world’s leading sustainable forestry programs.

With multiple locations certified under each program, we offer back-up capabilities and surge capacity while maintaining the controls to ensure the stock you specify is the stock you get.

We also recognize that customers have internal benchmarks for sustainability, so we’ll work with you to ensure we meet your specific requirements.

A Lower Carbon Footprint

Minimizing energy consumption is one of our top priorities, from both an environmental and economic perspective.

Transitioning beyond energy conservation to renewable energy was the next logical step in developing our sustainable solutions platform. We're committed to leading the industry with an energy strategy that combines green energy purchases and renewable energy credits for a sustainable energy portfolio.

Our North American network is an EPA certified green energy partner, rated in the top tier of US printers. A number of our European facilities are certified to the ISO50001 energy management standard.

Recognizing that the inputs to a package’s CO2 consumption go beyond our facilities, we have developed empirical models to help customers quantify their total carbon footprint, including raw materials and transportation. We have worked with several leading consumer products to create carbon neutral packaging as part of their overall sustainability strategy.

Materials and Design

Today, material considerations often include recycled, recyclable, or renewable material options. Balancing sustainability, aesthetics, durability, and other package performance issues can be challenging. We’ve worked with many customers to find the right balance for their brand and their corporate philosophy.

We help customers rethink their package designs, looking for ways to reduce materials, streamline manufacturing, reduce waste, and improve logistics.

We offer unbiased advice on materials to meet your conservation objectives. We've worked with numerous customers to develop new materials that have the characteristics of plastics but are made from renewable sources.

We even maintain an inventory of recycled paper and paperboard for convenience and quick-turns. But of course, we can source and print virtually any material that you choose for your print, packaging, and labels.

Responsible Manufacturing

We take our environmental responsibility seriously. At a minimum, all our sites meet local and national legislative standards for environmental health and safety.

But this is only a starting point - where customers require additional environmental or quality standards we raise the bar, with certifications such as DIN EN ISO 14001.

Our customers also take comfort in knowing that our formalized LEAN manufacturing programs reduce waste, conserve resources, and promote recycling.

And they take notice when realizing that you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for sustainability. We are committed to a process of continual improvement in all areas of our operation that meets both current and future environmental objectives.