Carriers/Packaging/POP Case Studies

Starcraft 60-Day Card
Starcraft 60-Day Card

Data Management and Tight Security Deliver Peace of Mind

Available in retail stores, this 60-day card allows online gamers all the StarCraft II that they can handle. The environmentally-friendly paperboard cards ship with active codes, making them equivalent to cash. This required tight security measures throughout production, fulfillment and shipping. Effective data management and security checkpoints paved the way for this project that involved multiple components, multiple partners, international design requirements and quick turn times.



To execute this complex project quickly, MPS and Blizzard worked closely to finalize package design and establish full supply chain traceability. Several rounds of prototyping and tooling modifications were needed to adapt the existing clamshell to improve stability as a stand-alone or hanging display.


The ability to quickly secure materials and manufacture three components was critical to project success. Because the product was destined for Latin America, material options for the clamshell were limited. By switching from PVC to paperboard cards and APET clamshells, Blizzard was able to reduce both their carbon dioxide and chlorine emissions, for a more earth-friendly product.


MPS served as the single point of contact, managing two strategic partners. From receipts of encrypted files to ensuring that there were security personnel at production facilities, we were completely accountable for project success. As part of our project management services, we created unique 2D codes on each package for full traceability and accountability, along with 100 percent guaranteed numbering.